Add Some Fun To Your Wedding Reception With Ice Cream Cart Catering

If you're looking for fun food to serve at your wedding reception, then think about renting an ice cream cart for the occasion. Ice cream is a perfect match for a beach or casual wedding, and it can even be suitable for a more formal wedding since ice cream and wedding cake are a good match. Serving ice cream at a big event is difficult since ice cream melts so fast and can be messy. The best way to serve it is from a cart that keeps it frozen until ready to eat. Here are some ideas for catering ice cream for your wedding. 

Try Individual Servings For Convenience

Depending on the ice cream cart catering service you use, a server might be supplied to hand dip ice cream while you have the cart rented. This could be a good option, but a better idea might be to rent a cart filled with individual cups of ice cream. Then, people could serve themselves and choose what they want throughout your reception. By having individual servings, you can have a wider variety of flavors, which your guests might appreciate.

Think About A Sundae Bar

To make the ice cream offerings a little more enticing, consider having a sundae bar instead. You can supply basic flavors of ice cream such as chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla along with bowls of toppings such as crumbled cookies, cherries, candies, and sundae toppings. A sundae bar would be an exciting experience for the kids at your reception as well as a yummy treat for the adults. A sundae bar would require a server supplied by the catering service or by you to scoop out ice cream into bowls as people are ready to make their sundaes.

Offer Ice Cream Treats

Another option to consider is to offer treats such as ice cream sandwiches, fudge bars, and fruit pops. You can usually choose from an assortment of treats when you rent an ice cream cart, and that would allow people, especially kids, to choose their favorites.

A nice thing about having an ice cream cart is that people can serve themselves when they want a sweet snack. You can clear the other tables and leave the cart for an after meal snack that your guests can have at their convenience. A cart keeps the ice cream cold and solid, but if you're worried about ice cream spills on your guests' nice clothing, then choose ice cream in individual cups, so there is less risk of making a mess.