Making Coffee-Infused Maple Syrup: 2 Methods

Maple syrup and coffee are two foods that have their own distinct appeal. But have you ever thought of combining them? Some producers have begun to do just that, selling coffee-infused maple syrup to the masses. This syrup is delicious if drizzled over pancakes or French toast, and some even enjoy it on ice cream. You can purchase yourself a jar, but it's also not that hard to make your own coffee-infused maple syrup if you'd prefer that approach.

Why Running An Ice Cream Cart Is A Great Business Idea

There are a lot of different ways to make money in the food industry. You can open a restaurant or a bar. You can sell specialty foods at a store, or you can run a food truck. One idea that does not get tossed around as often as it perhaps should is running an ice cream cart. This is a simple business idea, but it does have a lot of advantages.