How To Make A Thicker Chimichurri Dipping Sauce

Chimichurri is such a delicious sauce. The bold flavors of oregano, garlic, and hot peppers come together with rich olive oil to create quite the taste experience. You can serve this Argentinian specialty on anything from grilled meats to salads, but it does have a shortcoming: it's runny. Classic chimichurri sauce is more like a salad dressing, which makes it a bit hard to use as a dip for items like French fries.

Cooking Ingredients To Look For At An African Store

If you'd like to get more adventurous and try different African cuisines, one option is to cook African foods at home. There are plenty of cookbooks and video guides that can show you how. However, you will also need the right ingredients. Here are some staples that you should be able to find at an African store that has a food section. With these staples on hand, you can create a variety of dishes.