The Dos And Don'ts Of Decorating A Cake With Edible Orchids

Beautiful food is the true star of apps and websites like Instagram. It's become a thing in the last decade or so to create and photograph beautiful food. Sometimes people bake gorgeous cakes in part because they enjoy photographing it and sharing their best food shots with the world. If you're creating a cake for a loved one or for the joy of sharing your creation with people online, edible orchids are a terrific, easy way to beautify your cake. Consider these dos and don'ts to make sure that your cake is a hit. 

Do Carefully Pair the Orchids with the Right Flavors

Orchids typically have a mild flavor that some compare with cucumbers. They're aesthetically pleasing, and the mild flavor means that they can be adapted to a wide variety of recipes. However, it's important to only pair edible orchids with other flavors that would taste delicious with them. For an unusual but tasty pairing, bake a lavender cake and slather on vanilla icing. Next, arrange edible orchids on the cake. 

Don't Use Orchids That Aren't Labeled as Edible 

Not all orchids can be eaten! Make sure that the orchids you choose to put on your cake are marked as edible. They may also be called organic and food grade. When in doubt, double check. Safety needs to remain the priority when it comes to the baked goods you create and serve.

Do Place the Orchids on the Cake Last 

Do the heavy duty cake decorating before adding the orchids. First, ice the cake and add other decor such as swirls and borders. Add any writing on the top of the birthday cake that you want to add, then arrange the orchids around the larger section of cake decor. If you wait until you have orchids on some of the cake to add icing, you increase your risk of messing them up with misplaced icing or other decorating errors. 

Don't Listen to Unsolicited Advice

When people find out that you are creating a cake, you may be surprised at how much advice they offer. You don't even have to ask for advice in many situations. If someone offers advice you don't want to take, listen politely and thank them for it. Then proceed to ignore it. 

Finally, take your time when decorating your cake. It should be a labor of love, and baking should be a fun adventure in the kitchen. Ultimately, baking with edible orchids should feel like a luxurious experience, and the recipient of the cake will likely be very appreciative of such an elaborate and fun addition to the orchid-topped masterpiece.

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