Create an Edible Centerpiece That Can Be Enjoyed During a Holiday Meal

If you would like to create an interesting, edible centerpiece that can be enjoyed during a holiday meal, use an assortment of your favorite candy varieties to add a three-dimensional design to a glass plate or a silver tray.

Decide Upon the Centerpiece Design

Specialty food stores sell a variety of decadent treats. First decide upon a display and how each component will be used to bring your vision to life, then purchase the goodies to create the centerpiece. For instance, maybe you would like to use a fall foliage approach for the centerpiece and would like to intertwine richness with fruity flavors.

Use melted caramel to add a coating to apples, pears, and other firm fruits and use jellied-fruit slices or maple sugar leaves as embellishments that will be laid around the grouping of caramel-covered fruits.

Another idea is to use mini-scale figures to create a holiday theme. Caramel squares can be stacked up, to create a staircase or laid around the outline of a plate or a platter, to create a border. Marshmallows that are stacked on top of one another and that have toothpicks pierced through them could be used to replicate people. With this type of scenario, food coloring or icing might be your preferred materials for creating faces on each of the figures that are being added to the layout.

Purchase the Candy and Prepare the Centerpiece

If the specialty food store sells candy by the weight, you can determine how many candy items you will receive with your order by taking the weight of a single piece of candy and dividing the total weight of each variety by the weight of one item. You may also want to purchase pre-packaged candies that come in fancy tins or gift boxes. With this type of purchase, any leftover candies can be used to create mixed treat gifts that can be offered to your loved ones.

During the preparation of the centerpiece, lay out all of the candies that you have purchased. Begin by melting some of the caramels, if you are going to be adding a glaze to various components that are being used to create the display. Mix cream or butter with the melted caramels, until the mixture can easily be stirred.

Use a baker's fluting tool to drizzle the caramel across the surface of fruit or other sweet treats. Use the remaining candies and decorations to create the rest of the centerpiece. A piece of parchment paper or a doily can be used as a buffer that is placed between the edible pieces and the plate or the serving tray to make clean up easy. 

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